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As you explore these suggestions, you might be inspired to discover your own insights and perspectives.  We do this work together in all the affairs of our lives.

  1. Establish an Interfaith shrine or altar in your home.  It can be as simple as a picture book of the Faith Traditions on your coffee table, a precious artifact on a bookshelf, or a niche dedicated to peace and understanding.  Your thoughtfulness and creativity will comfort and inspire family and friends who visit.

  2. Advocate for people experiencing poverty, houselessness, and injustice.  Do not pass hurting people on the streets without offering assistance, friendship, or a prayer.  Not everyone is comfortable in such situations.  Follow your heart and show your kindness in any way you feel safe.  Hurting people will sense your care even if you cannot directly encounter them.​

  3. Support people in local, national, and international organizations who work for justice and peace.  Interfaith organizations serve the World over.  The search for such dedicated people will inspire you and bring you hope in troubled times.  You might even decide to join an outreach of your choice.

  4. Become aware of the religious observances of Traditions other than your own.  You might find a song, prayer, or ritual that touches your heart and blesses you in surprising and beautiful ways.

  5. Visit a sacred site, a holy temple, or a religious gathering place.  Religions and cultures, philosophies, and ideas cannot meet.  Only people can.  Experience how people of diverse faiths pray, celebrate, and cope with the issues of life.

  6. Practice prayer, meditation, and silence in your life.  Conscious, deliberate breathing for a few moments can bring focus and awareness in moments of tension and upset.  Spiritual practice engaged throughout the day invites us to be human and humane.

  7. Be yourself.  The greatest gift you will ever give is the gift of you.

Be aware of our gratitude to you for continuing the Legacy of peace and understanding.

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