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The Legacy?

Dialogue is a matter of mutual blessing for all participants.  The sharing itself must be kind and respectful.  Participants speak in the manner they would like others to speak to them.

Mutual Blessing


Participants treasure the opportunity to learn from one another.

Learning Together


Openness and honesty about issues must consider the well-being, emotions, and dignity of all participants. 

openness and honesty


Listening must be active.  Participants hear what is said with focused attention on the person sharing.  Participants let go of any temptation to defend or offend.

active listening


Forgiveness and healing must be the order of the day.

Forgiveness and healing


Participants share what they have heard, realizing that something else may have been said or meant.  This allows participants to clarify and explain their various positions, understanding, and sharing.



Gratitude, graciousness, good humor, honesty, and openness are the virtues of any dialogue in which diverse people forge justice and peace through mutual understanding and cooperation. 

mutual understanding and cooperation



The dialogue with Interfaith friends fosters interfaith understanding on the grassroots level.  These conversations provide opportunities for interested people who gather in private homes, worship sites, and community centers to enhance their appreciation of humankind's religious / spiritual heritage.  Participation in this conversation blesses our efforts to contribute to world peace through interfaith understanding, cooperation, and peacemaking.


Participants in the Interfaith Dialogue journey upon a road whose destination is the journey itself.  Religions and Faith Traditions cannot meet one another.  Only persons meet, share, and dialogue.  Participants are not representing a faith tradition.  They meet one another in the depth of their mind, heart, soul, and person.  Every person uniquely expresses faith, piety, devotion, or ethical philosophy.  We come together in dialogue, creating a sacred space of courage, trust, and deep respect.


Dialogue is the goal of the encounter.  While participants might plan future projects and gatherings, the present gathering is the practice of Interfaith love, peace, and compassion. 

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